An English pub is probably a unique institution in the world. It has survived for centuries providing succour and comfort to millions of fellow citizens. It is an essential and integral part of the English culture and heritage. It is one place where religion, race or social class holds no sway at all. Everyone is free to go to a pub and enjoy drinking without being under any obligation whatsoever how to conduct himself or herself except being reasonable in his or her behaviour.

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A number of old pubs survive to this day which are not only redolent of the past but which also possess great charm, atmosphere and character. All the pubs that are listed, on this site, are at least 100years old. Some of these pubs are most unspoilt and are most attractive, others are changed in varying degrees but still retain a lot or little of the original character.

This site lists some of these old pubs and at the moment it is confined to Cheshire. However, it is intended to cover other counties in the future. It must be stressed that the list is purely subjective and by no means an exhaustive one. It will be periodically updated and, if necessary, to make deletions or additions. While every attempt has been made to give correct information, no responsibility is accepted for any changes that might take place, as a proprietorial and/or managerial decision, in the running of these establishments.